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A3 1.8 TFSI stage 1

Sean Bruce May 2, 2018

  1. Sean Bruce

    Sean Bruce Registered User


    I have owned a 2009 a3 1.8tfsi for 3 months now and looking at getting it remapped with revo. stage one they expected 210-220 bhp and around 274 ib/ft of torque. Stage 2 required turbo back exhaust, inter-cooler and intake. unfortunately stage 2 is out of budget at this time but any recommendations on what extra i can do with stage 1 to give it a bit more life. Thanks

    Also i have the 18" 14 spoke S-line wheels recently refurbished, noticed they are selling between £1500-£1800, does anyone know if this is true and if not what the value is? Looking at buying Team Dynamic Pro Race 1 2.
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  3. Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev.

    Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev. Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    It's not worth spending anymore on the car apart from having a new clean air filter. Any gains other than downpipe and intercooler will be minimal.


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