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A3 1.6 2006 fuel pump/relay issues help!

AlexDK Sep 21, 2019

  1. AlexDK

    AlexDK Audi a3 2006 fuel pump/relay problem!

    Hey peeps
    So whilst driving my a3 it kind of lost power for a few seconds then righted itself. Next day whilst driving it dies then comes back to life after 5 minutes, drove it home then it wouldnt fire up again. When I turn the key it just turns over and over without firing up. Checked the fuses and the fuel pump fuse had melted into the board. Took it out and replaced it and tried to start it for an hour to no avail. It then randomly started and drove as normal for 20 minutes before cutting out again and has been like that since. The fuel pump was not priming at all. The relays can be heard clicking so I changed the fuel pump but its still not priming and the fuse hasnt melted or blown a fuse again but no theres noise, nothing happening at all. Just the engine trying to start. Help!

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