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A3 1.4TFSI 2008 gearbox problem

andrewjdm64 Jan 16, 2020

  1. andrewjdm64

    andrewjdm64 New Member


    So the gearbox failed(manual 6-speed), it won't go into the first gear and the replacement costs A LOT, my question would be whether 1.4 tsi gearbox from golf 6 would fit or no? Or a 6 speed from 8P 1.2TFSI?(Because those options are cheaper based where I live) I can't find any information on forums nor I have anyone who knows about this, so any information would be appreciated

    Also there's a photo of the money pit itself, lovely car tho

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  3. John Lang

    John Lang Member

    I don't know whether these other gearboxes will fit, but if you've lost first and second gear, it is likely the pin fixing the selector fork to the
    first/second selector shaft has sheared, usually this is an easy-ish fix once the box is out - I have known the pin replaced with a suitable bolt. It might be better than fitting an unknown box.

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