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A2 stereo info

CocnutMacaroon Dec 30, 2008

  1. CocnutMacaroon

    CocnutMacaroon Registered User

    this is just a follow on from a previous post I put up a few months back.
    Basically, the missus now owns an A2, but it came with the cassette headunit.........so iam after the cd headunit for the A2, but would someone part-ex a unit with my tape unit? we have the code for it and have owned the car since October, prior to that, it had only 1 owner from new....so everything is nice and tidy as it should.....
    If anyone has info on these units, pm me with price etc and hopefully we can sort something out..

    Ps, I do not have the removal keys

    thanks in advance

    Tony Mc:hi:

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