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Jul 14, 2008
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Good the bad and the ugly… (but not in that order)

Hi just returned back from my trip to the Ring and Switzerland, had a good time and thought I would share a few photo’s and my Ring Virgin experience.

We had a plan to recon the Ring on Sunday and drive on Monday as we though it would be less busy.

Went to the track which was 5 mins from out accommodation, and saw 2 BMW CSL on the road to the track.

I thought we would see a few good cars and a few random super cars, but TBH 99% were cars you just don’t see everyday, so we went to the ticket booth and pick up 2 tickets and had a look around the car park (or showroom). People are simply standing and watching the cars queue to go out and file back in from the track, it’s a good atmosphere as everyone is milling around getting tickets or chatting in the carpark.












Including the track layout (how could I forget)
On Monday we had a plan to get to the track before it opened at 8am get into the track car park and wait for it to open. Lots of people had the same idea and the car park soon filled up with all sorts of cars including a Muscle car club from the UK and some Jap cars.

3 UK guys got out of a Subaru next to me, I made small talk about having the lowest powered car in the car park, and they mentioned about the fact that some of the low powered cars get around the quickest because the people know the track. They said they had no idea where each corner went, so at least I was a bit more confident then, but most people are just about enjoying the experience and get a lap in without incidents.

Anyway as soon as I saw people heading to the barriers I jumped in the car Helmet on and when out. Getting through the barriers leads to a sequence of cones and then you are released to hack it under the bridge and down to the first sequence of corners (where everyone goes off on Forza)
I have driven the Ring to death on Forza and every GT game it was in. But I was shocked at how different it was, from the bridge to the first sequence was much shorter the section around the barriers (next to the Forza pitlane) was shorter and every section came up in shorter track length and far quicker than I had imagined.
But anyway, leading down into the first sequence of corners I glanced at the speedo 95mph (a lot for my little car!) I went though a few sections and got to the Hetzanbach section I know this is a quick section but I wasn’t sure what I would meet so I looked in the rear view again and decided to stick to the racing line and keep off the curbs and be smooth, all went ok. I knew Hocheichen was next leading to the large rise at Hohe, which i knew lead to a blind right hander, another few looks in the rear view mirror and just when for it!!
Before Adenauer Forst you get the long down hill section which you can straighten, I checked the rear view and saw a car gaining at double my speed (I was just over 90mph again) I flicked on the right indicator and saw it was a white 911 GT3 RS and it flashed past as we headed into Adenauer Forst "Noob Corner" I hear, I really didn’t want to give any spectators something to cheer about, luckily another 911 came up behind, I indicated right and let him past, I followed his line and got through without a hitch.
The rest on the lap was like this with me learning and indicating along with all the other cars, I indicated right for a Porsche to pass and the Porsche GT3 RS nearly took our front wing off as he went past, he moved over so quickly to the right in front of me to let an even faster GT3 go past, and this is what struck me as great, bikes, cars, super cars all at different levels of ability and track experience.
On the second lap I overtook a few cars including a Megane that didn’t really know what to do or when to move out of the way and a few cars were sitting behind not sure if he had seen them, and an MX5 leading out of the corner next to the Ring hotel (Breidsheid). And up the steep hill third gear right hander.

Second lap was faster even thought it didn't feel it, so no drama, or problems and i was happy to go quicker and not hold up the faster guys, no wrong gears just a smooth drive and more enjoyable than the first due to being a fraction fimiliar with what was coming
The ugly
After the driving we went to Brunnchen and Breidsheid to watch the cars in the sunshine, the crowds were out and as it was a nice day.


Unfortunately the track was closed again after a motorbike rider went over the barrier near Brunnchen. The police and ambulance were called and it resulted in a great deal of time where nothing was happening, we feared the worst when a curtain was erected over the barrier.
Eventually he was lifted to the ambulance and the police started taking pics of the scene as normal road law applies I understand. I thought that he might have been ok as the Ambulance wasn’t moving away, but it was waiting for this.

It landed on the track between the trees and air lifted him to hospital, hopefully he will be ok and all he will need to worry about is whether his travel insurance will cover the air ambulance.

Anyway I hope you like the Photo’s, but I’m hooked and we will be going back!!










Ive always wanted to go to the ring and im sure that when i do it i will have to go back often!

Anyway nice pictures and good job :)
Nice pics! Glad you and the car came back in one piece!

With all the track closures i think it was closed for longer than it was open. But a few laps had to be done:thumbsup:
thanks for sharing also am jealous (not of the A2 though:))
I've just seen this, looks good :thumbsup:

I think ever Petrolhead need's at least one trip in their life!

With all the track closures i think it was closed for longer than it was open. But a few laps had to be done:thumbsup:

I had the same problem last time I went, both sessions finished early due to crashes and we never got on there, was rather gutted, some friends were running tuned and stripped out Hondas and I had a pretty fast Vivaro (dont laugh!) still theres always this year :)

@ Vorhees, lol thats ok, its an acquired taste:wacko:

@ All

Yeah you need to go at some point, it doesn't matter what you are in, everyone says the same thing. "Go out and enjoy it, no matter what you are driving."

But i think i'm hooked, i got further updates to the car planned and a trip will be booked when next years tourist track dates are released (January)

I have also been in contact with one of the track photographers about whether he got a pic or 2 of my car going around on those days, He confirmed last night he has, so as soon at thats all sorted i will post them up :thumbsup:
Great pics and write up. It's very adictive going to the ring and I can see myself going back for many years to come.

Have you checked the German photography sites for any pictures of your car?
Yeah i agree about it being adictive, already putting money aside for next year! :thumbsup:

Via a post on another forum, and after searching 30+ sources, a name was given to me of a photographer that was spotted on the same tourist days, i have just paid for the pics and am waiting for them to be sent to me
Finally got a pic from www.frozenspeed.com
A photographer from Germany that visits the Ring on tourist days was spotted, and after a few emails he had the pics i wanted.


Nice pic of you in the Karussell, we walked to it from Brunnchen and couldn't understand the amount of cars that didn't go through it.
Nice pic of you in the Karussell, we walked to it from Brunnchen and couldn't understand the amount of cars that didn't go through it.

It does look quite daunting if you're in a very low car but the Karussell used to be taken by old 1950s F1 cars so you just have to get in it and have some fun. On all of my laps I see cars going around the outside :wtf:
Nice pictures of your car there! Is that a Scud in the backround bearing down on you?
Can't remember, either that or a Viper, but if its the Ferrari they just don't catch you as quick as the Porsches, probably has something to do with the type of people that now buy Porsche GT2 GT3 and RS compared to Ferrari's.
probably has something to do with the type of people that now buy Porsche GT2 GT3 and RS compared to Ferrari's.

So so true! You buy a GT2, GT3 and RS for one reason and thats to race it. People buy a Ferrari to say they have a Ferrari. Thats why I'm buying a Gallardo when my numbers come through :)
Going to book my trip to the Ring for last week in June 2010. 26th June - 4th July

Let me know if anyone is thinking of going the same week!!

Looks like the F1 circuit will be open for tracks days on the days the Nordeshielfe is closed to the public!!

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