A1 upgrade options [Multimedia/Seating] new user questions


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Dears A1 owners,

I bought for my wife this beautiful piece of Misano Red S-line A1, will not lie, that I have RS6 in the same color... so I'm one of those weird people, who buy cars due to color.
Got my hand for summertime on 17' Audi A1 sline 8X wheels, in my country it's winter now so will stick with what we have on now. Car has 1.6 TDI, chipped to 140 HP, so it goes very well.
Car is beautiful from the outside, but some great things are missing from within and I'm planning to upgrade, going through forums and google, and these forums here seem to have most of the information and access to info and I was hoping to receive some valuable info from other 1 owners.
Things missing that I would like to upgrade

- climate control with actual climate control, as we have basic option with cold/hot and try to find something in between, is this easy refit and if you put 22-celsius car automatically understand this, or there is something more beneath here then only change control?
- seat heating (as i understand I need to buy climate control mentioned before, some wirings and actual buttons?) does it matter what kind of seats I have, for example half leather sline seats can be adjusted to heating option, or again there should be seats that could be equipped and if you have seats without this option your stuck?
- multimedia with phone connection option etc., checked the prices and it's at least 500 eur/pounds + need to get that small tv as well, this all together would be around 1k. Question about phone connection, is that enough to get multimedia with phone connection option and your good to go. or there is something more beneath?

Will post pictures little bit later, just got my hand on the car.
p.s. Reason why we went for A1 is actually our neighbours who got white "Quattro" version...what a beast :)

Thank you all for taking time in this question! :)


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First picture of the car ;)