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A1 gear change problems and more...

Squirrelly Jun 20, 2018

  1. Squirrelly

    Squirrelly New Member

    My wife's 2010 A1 1.4 TFSI (50,000mls) has recently started making a crunching noise when changing gear up from 1st to 2nd. Anyone else had this issue?
    I'm worried that this could be a very expensive problem. :grumpy:

    The engine also rattles for a couple of seconds when starting up from cold. It's got a full service history so oil changes have been done ok. I'm wondering whether to move it on and get her something else?
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  3. Squirrelly

    Squirrelly New Member

    No one else then?
  4. Paul V.

    Paul V. New Member

    the engine rattles at start up has nothing to do with the gear shift. Did you check or changed recently your braking fluid? The clutch is hydraulic, so is using the brake fluid for lubrication. So if your fluid reservoir is low and a little bit of air got into the system, you would need to bleed the air out in order for the clutch to become completely disengaged from the engine. If air is in the hydraulic system it will create the symptoms your are experiencing. The air would get compressed in your hydraulic line when you pushed on the clutch rather than the clutch disengaging if the air were bled out of the system.
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  5. rum4mo

    rum4mo Well-Known Member

    I don’t think that was the most useful reply there, the way I read the opening posting was that the car has two issues and help with both was requested.
    I agree that the clutch needs hydraulic fluid as it’s operating medium so air in there is bad. When last was that clutch fluid replaced, maybe do that now, other than that, maybe the clutch cover is distorted, or the clutch master or slave (inside the bell housing) is now faulty.

    Engine rattling for too long after start up is not too good but probably the way things go with these VW made engines !

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