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A1 electrical gremlins

Rhysd1309 Sep 3, 2018

  1. Rhysd1309

    Rhysd1309 Registered User

    hi all. Got an A1 on a 60 plate, 1.6tdi. It has developed a few faults over the last couple of months and I was wondering if anybody could shed any light?

    The wipers froze completely, I removed the linkage and motor (pita) and applied 12v directly, it seemed to work fine, so I refitted it, and now it works, just not on full speed. However, it works on full speed off the car.

    Also, having the same sort of issue with the horn. It will stop working, take it off and apply 12v and it works fine, refit and it again works, but maybe only for a couple of weeks.

    I was wondering if they maybe share an earth, or are they on a CAN line from a BCM?

    On a seperate note. When it idles, it jumps everywhere (when cold) it used to do it when warm, but then went to the dealers to have the emissions update, and now does it when cold.

    Audi have tried to remedy this shaking by fitting 4 new injectors, and also an EGR valve, to no avail.

    Many thanks!

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