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A1 2018 Android Auto

Alice Kean Feb 8, 2020

  1. Alice Kean

    Alice Kean Registered User


    We were sold a 2018 A1 with an AMI connector, with a very vague comment that the cable with it allows you to connect your phone to the car and do all sorts (although he wasn't sure what or how...). We've tried using the connector after hearing about Android Auto and we just get a msg on the screen saying that we don't have the right cable. Went into dealer and they said we were given the wrong cable (basically a cable with a USB port so we could connect whatever cable we want for the phone) and we would need a cable that has the correct connector for our phone type built in, ie USB-C. However, he said Audi no longer (or never did) supply an AMI to USB-C cable, and so the most we could ever do with the AMI connection is to charge the phone using our current USB cable, or use an AMI to Aux cable which would only allow us to use sound. What we want/need is to use Android Auto. Can anyone tell me whether or not there is any way to do this with the standard factory fitted features in the 2018 model, or is there anything that can be retrofitted to enable us to use this? Thanks in advance, the Audi dealers have unfortunately been very unhelpful in trying to find a solution.
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  3. ab1702

    ab1702 Registered User

    Search in google for ‘Audi A1 android auto’.
    It fetches up what you are wanting and it’s about £500 just for the kit then you’ve got to get it installed at an extra cost.
  4. Alice Kean

    Alice Kean Registered User

    Thank you! I must have been googling everything other than that, for some reason.

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