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Sep 15, 2010
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Just had a look at the Audi website and they now have the 2.0 TDI available on the A1. Its exactly the same 6 Speed manual engine in the A3 (currently have) but due to weight the 0-60 is 8.2 not too bad. Will probably be my next car in April time just specced a Black Edition one and not a bad price £21,375.

Who else maybe making the change? Im actually really impressed with the A1 wasnt a fan at the start.
Ooooh wonder if they have an stronic version :)
Unfortunately just been to Audi and they said very unlikely due to space they don't think it will fit in!!
Most probably next April -May time. Don't know why but I absolutely love the A1 and now they've launched Black Editions in them really craving one! I love my A3 just want a change but needs to be Dirty Diesel and Vag preferably Audi so A1 ticks the boxes.
I might get an A1 with this engine. I think it's the same engine that's in the Mini Cooper SD. The price isn't bad, about £800 cheaper than the new 180bhp petrol a well. Spec'd up in S-Line it's about £22,500 for the one I'd want. Quite a lot for a little car. Nice though.
I don't think VAG share the engines with BMW do they?! Reason I'm swaying to A1 is that the new A3 is going to be mega mega bucks!!!!
I noticed the 2.0TDI A1 whilst playing with the Audi website earlier today. Borrowed a 1.6TDI 105 bhp from work earlier in the year and thoroughly enjoyed my time with the car. A little small but perfectly built, amazing cabin and great fun to drive. Very fast on B roads once you get used to the very long gears and how to drive the engine. The 2.0TDI would be brilliant fun IMO and with a remap it would be insane. The new posh VRS Fabia. Will be trying to borrow one ASAP:) TDI Quattro would be perfect!
I don't think VAG share the engines with BMW do they?! Reason I'm swaying to A1 is that the new A3 is going to be mega mega bucks!!!!
Yeah sorry it is a different engine. Very similar in terms of performance and economy it seems though.
A1 2.0 TDI Back Edition ordered yesterday to replace my 2001 S3...... time to turn to the dark side of the petrol pump!!!
I've had one for a week and loving it
It didn't feel like much of a step down from R32
That's good to know your not finding it too much of a come down form the r32. How are you finding the suspension, most of the reviews I've seen criticise the firmness of s line suspension and 18" wheels, I'm assuming it will be a softer or similar to my S3. How does it compare to the r32? Have you posted any pics yet?
I find the ride better than the R it's not so crashy and heavy
Roll on end of May, can't wait to get my hands on mine. I enjoyed the 1.6tdi demo car I had for the day but it lacked the spark. 2.0tdi sounds like it should tick the box. I like the look of them the more of them I see, and you don't see that many about yet, though I'm sure that will change!

Did you spec many options on yours? I've got carried away ticking boxes on the options list!!!

Going to sell S3 in March and buy a £500 banger to run about in for couple of months that should make the A1 feel quick when I get it :)
This is what mine should look like except it will have the tinted rear windows :)

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I've driven the 1.6 tdi in a golf plus and couldn't believe how flat it was
The 2.0 tdi feels good
It's never going to be as quick as an R or S3 but it don't hang about
I'm sure it could be mapped to around 180 ish ;)
And I was only getting 22 mpg in the R so 45mpg is loads better and I'm hoping for a little better when it's run in
I'll get some pics up tomorrow when on the pc
Yeah I'm looking forward to the extra mpg. In the S3 I'm getting about 26mpg on my daily driving and 32mpg on a long trip so 45mpg+ will make up for the reduction in power.

I've gone for the following options on my A1:
Black Edition 2.0 TDI 6 speed
Scuba blue, metallic
Audi parking system plus
BOSE® surround sound system
Comfort package
Connectivity package
Deletion of model and engine technology designation at rear
Door mirrors - heated and folding
Front centre armrest with storage compartment
Heated front seats
Luggage package
Rear floor mats
Tow-bar preparation
Tyre pressure loss indicator

I was going to go for the push button start with keyless entry but didn't like the idea of having to touch the door handle every time to lock the car. Shame it doesn't just lock as you walk away from the car. Also thought about DAB but I hear the quality isn't currently as good as FM so gave that a miss. Would have liked satnav but it's not cheap and as I've gone for the connectivity pack I can always retro fit it easily at a later date if I want.

What options do you have on yours?
Nice spec you have chosen
Mine is standard as it was a factory order but the black edition has most of the things I would have chosen
I would have added the connectivity pack but that meant a long wait for the car June ish
Or a factory order in a week :D
Great spec Agric, will look great in Scuba blue, there won't be too many of them around.

Hello Spider. ;)
Hello Gents,

Can either of you post an update please?

I had a couple of hours in a 1.6 TDI Sport today with 17" rims. Didn't feel that far away from the S3 as I imagined, although I will miss 4WD that may not be too bad after I noticed some nice supper sports seats are available for the A1....

I would be keen to hear your real world experiences. The 1.6 may get the vote considering £0 road tax and MPG. But have to try the 2.0 TDI and a Petrol engine next.

I'll miss the S3's but after being lucky to have had two now it is not going to be all bad considering modern congestion and the proliferation of traffic cameras. Oh and future fuel hikes.


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