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A1 1.4 TFSI misfire. Please help!!!!

MKX Mar 1, 2020

  1. MKX

    MKX Registered User

    Evening all!

    Currently after some knowledge or if anyone can point me in the right direction on what to do as I am no professional!

    Have a A1 1.4 TFSI (185) 2011 misfiring intermittently and mainly in the morning.
    After the revs drop as starting car the eml flickers on and off and the car becomes a little “bouncy” once the car is then switched on and off the eml doesn’t return that day

    Had the fault read which flagged a misfire on cylinder 4, so have had all coil pack replaced and all spark plugs too! Low and behold I thought great it’s sorted. To start it the next morning and have the same issue!
    Replugged in and again the same fault?

    Not sure if this makes any difference as I’m no expert but the car has had a stage 1 map. I do only do in and around town trip.

    Has anyone experienced anything like this before?? Or could shed some light into what to do next?

    many thanks!
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2020
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  3. Kernow A1

    Kernow A1 Registered User

    Have you had it rescanned after the new Coil Pack/Plugs to see what its showing now, could indicate a wiring fault to the coil pack ?
  4. MKX

    MKX Registered User

    Hey! Yep same thing P0304 Code cylinder 4 misfire. Had a look around wiring and nothing seems out the ordinary. But will take a closer look over the weekend see if there is anything else. Seems strange only in morning and intermittent. Eml never on when driving or constant
  5. shivjit soggi

    shivjit soggi Registered User

    i had this same issue!! The way I resolved it was put the car back to standard, changed spark plugs and coil packs and then re mapped it again. The issue is over fueling the maps pushing to much fuel into the engine and it’s not burning.i also have a straight pipe cat back and my remap is a mild pops and bangs with a strong performance map
  6. MKX

    MKX Registered User


    Spot on mate cheers!! Ended up throwing it at Audi as was at a loose end. New ECU to revert back to standard luckily didn’t damage to much but fingers crossed been fine ever since! 2k out the window though! Lesson learnt the hard way!

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