A **** year gets worse


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Well after our car accident in January, the tumbleweed in the job market and flooding the house I thought things were looking up with a new job starting today and the other driver from our crash being charged with careless driving.

Well I was wrong. Yesterday, my wife came off the road on her 125 resulting in a broken left shin, right hip and pelvis. She'll be having an op to pin the pelvis in the next couple of days and then 2-3 weeks in hospital followed by months of physio. It never rains . . .

I'm just waiting for the next piece of **** luck to land on us.


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Feck me man, I'm sorry to hear that, really am cause its just **** luck huh, they say comes in 3's but that blows it out of the water, I hope she's gonna be ok mate really do, but she's alive & that for one is the best thing about it & consider it could be alot worse & have no house, car, partner, other people worse of so consider yourself lucky to a degree mate, as I said I do feel for you, but always wake up smiling & hit things head on, head up not down even in the face of adversity, we get knocked everyday but its the fact you continue to move forward that shows the person character you really are, kudos mate for keeping on & on, dont let the system beat you down :icon_thumright:


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Sorry to hear this mate, hope all goes well for the Missus and thing eventually look up for you :)


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Sorry to here it man, hope everything works out for you, keep your head up!


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Hope she gets well soon mate & things start looking up for you.


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Sorry to hear that mate, lets hope things start looking up for you in the near future!


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Damn buddy, sorry to hear about the run of bad luck you've had. like others have said keep your head up and hope the wife gets better soon


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sorry to hear that, we all hope she gets on the mend asap. lets hope April onwards is a break from the bad months you have had.


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Things could have been a lot worse and everything happens for a reason mate, don't let it get you down or things will spiral out of control. Stay on top and keep positive.

Its sometimes hard to do but you can put a positive spin onto nearly everything, keep thinking good things mate and good things will happen, its all about timing.


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Sorry about that mate,Keep your head up and hope your wife get well soon.


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It's true about looking for the positives, both the car accident and your wife coming off her bike could have been far worse. Fingers crossed the rest of the year picks up for you :cool: