A week into cabriolet ownership


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May 4, 2013
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Thought i'd share the progress of my cab as its moving at quite a pace

Collected from the dealer last Monday (20/05)

Tuesday it was in with Sunset VW for a full going over to make sure theres no hidden nasty's

Stereo fitted Wednesday, came with the concept headunit which I really didnt like as limited functionality

Wheel fitted Thursday, only got 1 fitted then realised I had been sent the wrong offset so had a mad dash to found some 5mm spacers after work on Friday

Wheels finally on Friday

Trip upto PSI tuning on Saturday to get coilovers fitted and geo setup, used AP coilovers, will adjust ride height after they've settled

A day of today!

And tomorrow get the Dubstop imports grill on and Cupra R splitter

Its been a manic few days but im the sort of person who doesnt like to hang about!

a few more things planned over the coming week so will update next weekend

thanks for looking
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Looks nice fella. Have to admit I've been doing stuff on my cab since I got it. It's very addictive.
Id recommend the SmartTOP unit to be able to open the hood remotely and with one touch. Great toy!!!
Thanks Steve

where can you get one of those in England?

ive seen the videos on YouTube and its impressive
The car is looking excellent. Once you start down the modding road, it goes on and on. :) x
Well done....been a busy week for ya! Great timing for buying a Cab too ....hopefully we will all get a good Summer!
Well done....don't stop the modding! hehehe

Best Wishes,
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very true about the modding. Case in point. My old avant b6
looking good.
Thanks Bez

modding is a disease without any cure!

im trying to limit myself as I'm using it daily.

Got an S line steering going in Tuesday to get rid of the 4 spoke, really puts me of driving it lol.

Brushed mirror covers
possibly big brakes dependant on budget

then, I'm happy...
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i hate the 4 spoke
Such an eyesore!

would love a flat bottom but can't justify 250 over an s line
Looking good, had mine for nearly three years now and still enjoying ownership as much as day one.
Looks very nice mate, iv just brought a cab, and have started doing things already! How much did you get your grill for? And where from?
Marco direct from dubstops American website

but got stung on import taxes so worked at around 200
I'll be honest, I think those wheels are a little busy for that Cab tbh, just opinion, but maybe if they were toned down a bit it may suit better.
Thanks for your honest opinion

the wheels weren't really my first choice but the ones I wanted are out of stock for 8 to 10 weeks so these are an interim solution, I can gauge from this setup that I Definetly need narrower tyres and a lower offset
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Grill and splitter on

Unsure about which headlights to go with

oem xenon
chrome drl
black drl
Grill and splitter on

Unsure about which headlights to go with

oem xenon
chrome drl
black drl

Same grill as mine...but I went for a new chrome rings....just think it looks a wee bit too anonymous with the black rings, and I think chrome rings would match your front windscreen pillars better inho.

Doing well though.

Ideally I would have reused the oem grill badge but shame it won't come out if grill. Need to find a chrome one and get my mirror covers on as well

Thanks for the link Steve, Definetly be ordering one of those
Ideally I would have reused the oem grill badge but shame it won't come out if grill.

It can come out but there's a good chance you will break most of the lugs on it. Original Audi rings are less than 20quid ( 12 quid here in Sweden ) and it's an exact fit as you can imagine....and it's a nice vibe to stick a new one in too!

Thanks Allan

i might wait until I've secured some headlights then do it all at once, want to add a few touches to the interior to make it look smarter with roof down
Finished work early today and nipped upto Tideswell to pay for and get my steering wheel fitted, so glad to get rid of the 4 spoke

Fitted by an enthusiast called Matt, his A5

Steering in

Filthy car after the B road trip

your cars looking good.... and i love them blue wheels on your mates car!!!!
Much appreciated

The A5 is a beast, also has full leather interior matching the wheel colour with winged rs4 recaros