A variant of the mileage thread... clutch ?


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Hello all,

I know lots of us are starting to clock up impressive milage but what i want to know is how long has your clutch lasted ?

Clearly this depends on a lot of factors - specific type of car, remap, driving style, number of launches etc but im on 120K and still going strong and want to know when i might have to start saving ?


how many miles did you clutch last ?



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pin the tail on the donkey time..... i have only ever had one clutch fail on me, but then my changes are less destructive on the clutch because of how i drive

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mines done 102k and i think its slipping a little bit when driving very hard and changing from 2nd to 3rd


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105k only started slipping after REVO. Been replaced now


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Original clutch (as far as I know) still looked fine at 63k New clutch fitted then still looked fine at ~120k however the dual mass flywheel was totally fubar. Current single mass steel flywheel and uprated clutch are very good, except they seem to stick on occasion and there's more vibration due to the single mass flywheel.

Depending on driving obviously, however I'd be worried if a clutch wouldn't last 60-80k even with hard driving.


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Mine's on 113k and the clutch is starting to slip under full load in 3/4/5/6 but it's going in to get a new clutch in the next 8 weeks or so :D


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Slave cylinder went @72k, and had to change the clutch plate as well. flywheel was still in excellent nick so left alone.

Previously I had 2 Mazda 323 Gti's (one 3 door and one 5 door) both had hit 200k on their original clutches, when I sold them.



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120K and only had to change after a remap....