A Question for Kev(Aragorn)if Possible..


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Sep 10, 2008
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Hi Kev, Not been on here for a while good to see you are still here mate..

I had recently had a trouble starting with the bad frost we have had I eventually got it going one day and it ran ok on a run till the next morning would not start again..

Anyhow I continued to pump the starter most of the day till I gave up on it and disconnected the battery and put it on charge for about 20hrs..
hooked the battery up next day and done the normal waited for the throttle body to do it's thing..
I then tried to start the car and found it started for a couple of revs then died on me.

I then noticed the Flashing yellow car on the dash (Immobiliser)...Thats the position I am in now ,I know that the Ecu does not recognise my key and wondered what now is needed to get it back coded so it does read the key..

I have dissconnected the battery before and it's never done this before....Also I think the car as been chipped so would that make any difference with reprogaming it..
So at the moment the car is stuck on the drive till I know what to do next with it..

Thanks Kev if you see this...
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