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A pillar trim removal

Slowracer May 17, 2019

  1. Slowracer

    Slowracer Active Member

    Does any one have advise about re fitting the A pillar door trim. I Pulled it up to run some wires behind it and can’t get it back in flush.

    There is the piece that that sits around the bonnet release handle, this has a key and should lock into a thinner piece that runs up to the dash. I can’t get these to mate properly no matter how much pulling and shoving I do. You can see in the pic it’s not sitting flush.

    Also the piece running down the door sill will not click down to a lock position.

    Any advice or fitting guides anywhere on the web?

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  3. Hal Adams

    Hal Adams Well-Known Member Team Nardo VCDS Map User Audi RS3 Black Edition

    More than likely you have a clip bent or dislodged preventing the piece to pop back properly. Easy to happen - especially on the lower trim sbove the sill.

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