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Found a rubber grommet in the road in front of our drive tonight, it has the VW Audi mark on the inside so I'm assuming it is off one of our cars. The number inside the grommet is 191 837 865 could someone help me out and look this up a parts Cd and tell me where it is from. It could be from either an A3 sportback 19tdi on a 57 plate or a A4 cabriolet 2.0t on a 58 plate. Your help would be much appreciated, I'm going to post this on the A4 side of things to.

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I would think its on the end of the door(catch end) , could be on either of cars, did a trace on ETKA (parts catalogue) didnt come up on Audi but found it on VW. That part number started its life on golfs from 86.lol


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I can't match the part number to an Audi, but have identified this part to a grommet on the bottom edge of the front door from a Golf. I have an old copy of EKTA, so it's possible that this part may now also be used in an A3.

Look below the lock to see if there are any holes....

Hope this helps.



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Beat me to it Frenchy...:applaus:


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Was used on the golf chassis from 86-02

it doesnt show up in etka with latest update for any audi's using atp function.

The rubber bung on back of the audi doors is 8P0837798 & is used on A3 & A8 cars from 04-10

So from this I denote isnt yours, cause isnt supposed to go on your car but as Frenchy & me know etka has its querks including one recently for me a new 09 S3 SB stronic with a gear unit for a standard dsg car, urm I dont think so

But for now cant see how of yours, but check back of doors above the lock where the rubber bung is supposed to go.


Thanks very much Gents.

I will certainly have a look in the locations you are talking about. However from your posts talking about VW Golf in that age range, it just so happens that a lady 2 doors away has an R reg Golf cabriolet. The thing that drew my attention to it was the bung being directly next to my partners car when I washed it the other evening. Then when I picked it up and saw the Audi rings on the back I immediately came to the conclusion that it was from either of our cars.

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