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Feb 24, 2010
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Hi all

now i know its in our nature to jump on here to slag them all off at the mearest hint of bad service, but i actually received what i would describe as good service from my insurance company, yes thats right folkes, good service !!!

i am insured with Swiftcover, basically my windscreen cracked - right in the middle top to bottom.
so i called them up and they pointed me towards Autoglass to arrange the repair.
Now i was not over the moon about looking my audi stamped screen, so i asked swift if they could get me a Genuine Audi screen, instead of a autoglass one, i pointed out my warrenty might me afftected by a non OEM one.
10 mins later autoglass called and said the Audi screen has been approved and they have ordered it, no fuss and i only have to pay my standard policy excess.

what a result !

just wanted to share that, and no i dont work for an insurance co and am not trying to big them up, just wanted to pass on
they all supply the oem glass if asked for
Not the Case at all

most insurance companies will only let you use their appointed agent who only use their own brand of glass.
if you decide not to go with their agent, then your insurance co will only pay the first £100 of any claim
i have reasearched this quite a bit
autowindscreens will not use any oem glass unless the customer will pay the difference as they are much mor expensive, the chap from autoglass told me the audi screen costs 3 times more than their own brand
Fair play on that result, but in all honesty, does it really matter with a windscreen??? That's a bit anal to say the least. I don't think it would be a deal breaker if I bought a car without a manufacturers stamp on the windscreen.
The "non" genuien screen probably would have com eout of the same factory.

I had a screen replaced on a new Scrocco in early 2009 (the car was only released late 2008), autoglass did it, the screen fitted was exactly the same as the standard one bar no VW logo, all the other markings were the same, from the same original manufacturer.
My windscreen is covered in chips, time to get the chisel out!!

Anyone had any problems when a windscreen is needed with auto wipers? or with the tinted strip at the top?

Im just concerned any new windscreen may not be as good or may not be the correct part required.
just make sure you tell the what fitting you have for the rear view mirror
they asked me if my car had auto lights/wipers and if i had the tint at the top
i said no to both and they got me an audi one with the tint on the top, fits perfect.

the screens may well be the same apart from the stamp, but given the choice i will allways go for the OEM option, after all i am paying my excess !
Thats nothing.....I recently reinsured with Admiral....

Now they sent me initial renewal offer that was 250 above last years renewal price..
In the year just gone I managed to win an additional 3 points so now on 9pts and turned 30.

So I went online and checked out the competition...cheapest were 2 other Admiral group companies...Elephant and Bell...
Everyone else was much higher...in-line with Admirals initial renewal offer.
So I call Admiral to ask them to match Elephant.

After 30 mins on phone with a young lady going through all the same details she has on file..she tells me she will call me back as it was taking a long time.
She calls me back and says she can match the quote with Elephant - excellent.

Now I tell her that I want to pay in cash but will not be in a position to do so until 1 week after the policy expires...So i was thinking that I would leave car uninsured on drive for a week until I have the money. I drive at weekends so no major issue.

Then she asks her manager if they can renew and have deferred payment for 2 weeks after policy start date - excellent.

I say done and thats the end of that - I am insured again at 50 quid less than last year with extra points.

Then she calls me back 30 mins later to clarify a few details reagarding g/frnd and living arrangements etc.
I think 'uh-oh' she gonna out the policy price....and she knocks me over by telling me she can cut it another 170 when I tell her g/frnd lives with me etc.

This was after I already agreed to renew at higher price.
So I get renewal at 230 less than last year when premiums are going up everywhere.

My lucky day....not what you expect at all... I like Admiral.
For me admiral have been cheapest by far the last couple of years since moving back to london.
I had a screen replaced with a "non Audi" screen a while back and it was so thin you could hear everything going on outside , I ended up paying a Audi garage to fit a proper one !
I had an Admiral multicar policy, but they seemed to want to charge an admin fee for any minor change. I'm now with Primo plc (as recommended by Honest John), and they don't seem to have a problem with anything - cars in different locations,winter tyres on Team Dynamics wheels, or "other" upgrades. And they insure my bike on the same policy. They know I can only be in/on one at a time.