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A few questions before buying my first A1 8X

Fraysa May 14, 2020

  1. Fraysa

    Fraysa Registered User

    Hey everyone!

    I've been an owner of an A3 8V Sportback 1.4 for a few years now. I sold it a few months ago, had some issues with work and now that I have a new workplace, I started saving money for a newer car and in the meantime I wanted a car for daily drives. I didn't want a "normal" car because I'm really used to Audi's and german cars in general, so I thought - why not an A1? Specifically, A1 8X (~2015) with the 1.4 TFSi engine.

    So I put my eye for an A1 8X, but I have some questions before considering one.

    1. Is there a difference between reliable and non-reliable engines? In the 8V, I had the problematic engine which was eating tons of oil. There was no real solution for this - even the dealer said some engines came like that from the factory. I'm planning to get the 1.4TFSi, but I know there are several engine "codes" to look for.

    2. Is the S-Line worth looking for? In my country (Israel) it seems like there are almost no S-Line A1's for sale, almost if nobody added that option. What does it add in the A1? Is it worth the extra money?

    3. Why are some cars with fog lights and some are not? In the 8V I'm pretty sure all cars (except the facelift models) came with fog lights. Is that an option, or part of a trim level?

    4. How's the infotainment system? I used to retrofit CarPlay systems into Audi cars but never messed with an A1 before. I remember a few months ago a customer contacted me about installation and he mentioned the A1 doesn't come with Bluetooth, even though the infotainment system looks to be like the one in the 8V, but I assume it lacks the Bluetooth module, or is it just SaaS and can be actually retrofitted?

    Thank you!
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  3. Kernow A1

    Kernow A1 Registered User

    I have a 2014 A1 Sportback, sport spec and it comes with bluetooth, and front fog Lights. Mine has only covered 11000 miles to date and during the last 1000 miles has used no oil what so ever, they were a few early 1.4 TFSIs that were a problem but if your going for a later car to 2015 this may not now be a issue, unless another member here has one which has a liking for oil, and can comment? Depending on the mileage of the car your looking at listen out for timing chain noise on the earlier cars.
  4. JohnM100

    JohnM100 Registered User Gold Supporter VCDS Map User

    Haven’t heard of many issues with the 1.4 as the 140PS & 150PS COD/ACT very reliable, though some of the early ones had stories but I think they were a different power output.

    I think there are country variations but yes it’s worth it. I don’t have older brochures to compare but from 2016:
    Bluetooth is in Sport or above, as is DIS and fog lights.
    S-Line suspension firmer, seats are better, Xenon headlights and LED rear lights, better interior lights, and cosmetic upgrades.
    That said, build to order can add extras so base spec alone is not definitive.
    SE spec seems to be missing hardware for SatNav retrofit.

    Sport or above I believe.

    Basic audio is pretty disappointing but can’t comment on how much better A.S.S. or BOSE are.
  5. Kernow A1

    Kernow A1 Registered User

    See my post here about the audio upgrades I did which blow Bose out the water

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