A few little issues - 2010 A6 C6 Saloon 2.0 TDI 168BHP (Warning, this will be boring)


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Hi all, been a while since I posted on here. A few small issues that might not be anything but I always like to check. As usual any help is greatly appreciated.

First of all the car and details

2010 (60) Audi A6 S Line Saloon - 2.0 tdi 168bhp - Auto (CVT) - current mileage is 54,000 - last oil service at 49,000, gearbox service done at 49,500ish both at Audi main dealer - Cam belt not yet done.

1. Hill starts - When on a steep hill stopped at lights for example (car left in D). When I release the brake and apply accelerator its like the gearbox locks and then releases. Is this right or is it a hill start aid kinda of thing. It only does it when I hold the brake in for 2 or 3 seconds, feels like someone has the handbrake on and lets it off if that makes sense.

2. Rear lights - I have the rear LED's (standard OEM ones, not aftermarket) and the left hand side (nearside) is very lightly flickering (both clusters), the left one has condensation and the right has started getting condensation. I have read the thread about drilling holes this evening and will need to do it but is there any reason why they are lightly flickering.

3. Rough idle (sometimes, hot or cold) - Since owning the car I have always run V Power or BP Ultimate diesel (I never use supermarket). The fluid levels i.e oil, coolant etc are fine as I check every week. However when I stop in traffic or at traffic lights or start the car in the morning I feel a little lets say slight jigging from the gearbox or engine (sometimes) something like if you was to lightly tap the accelerator quickly to say 1,200rpm continuously to make the car move side to side when stopped.

The rev counter does not move up and down, it just stays at just under 1,000 rpm (idling) i.e the idle does not change when I get the jigging. Car will be in Neutral/Park/Drive or Sport it does it in whatever gear. The car also gets a good lets say spirited run once a week down the motorway (80 mile round trip, 80% motorway) and I have just done a 300 mile round trip giving it the boot for quite a while and I was traveling at 6am on a Sunday morning and it was pay day so saving fuel was bottom of the list that day.

4. Reverse to Drive/Park (R to D or P) - When going from reverse to drive when I'm parking the rev counter stays at 1,100 rpm idling after I have stopped i.e finished parking and I have put it in P, the car will idle at 1,100rpm until I switch it off (waited about 5 minutes to see if it would go back down and it didn't).

However when I am driving If I put it in P from D when I stop, lets say a big queue of traffic I stop, it goes down to say 900rpm idling (normal idle). I always stop fully before changing into a different gears i.e I don't reverse and then slam it into D or S, I have always stopped and then changed gear.

Any help with the above would be greatly appreciated even if you can only answer 1 question. Apologies for the war and peace.


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Have you had the cars scanned with VCDS, or other diagnostic tool? Some of the issues could be down to the rev's not being picked up correctly. I would start there.


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Have you had the cars scanned with VCDS, or other diagnostic tool? Some of the issues could be down to the rev's not being picked up correctly. I would start there.

I havent no, I dont know anyone who has VCDS. I have looked into to getting one but I no longer have a laptop either. I could get hold of a normal OB2 scanner though.
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