A few "feel like a kid again" questions re A3


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Hi all ! I m new to this forum and this is my first post (though keep watching it for a while), so take it easy on me :)

I have been the proud owner of an S3 8L (210bhp) back in 1999 and I loved the car ! I think it was the more complete car I ve ever owned and have owned a few.
I trade it for a Subary impreza STi since I wanted more power but found it to be not an "every day car" and so I traded that for a golf V Gti DSG which I also love. I missed the elegance of the Audi though and although the Gti proved to be a very entertaining and interesting car always felta bit "cheap" compared to the interior of the S3.

I m now finding myself in the spot where I have to say bye bye to the Gti and chose my new car, so I m thinking of coming back to the audi family and getting behind of the wheel of the new A3.

So, here are my thoughts :

1) All my cars have been 3doors so far (apart from the STi) and have to say I do not actually know if I need a 3 or 5 door one .. I know this sound confusing, but let me explain ... I like the style of the 3 door more - it seems moresolid and compact, a small "rocket", but have to admit the bigger boot and practicality of the 5 door is a plus (although with no family yet).

2) Having used the DSG in the GTi I know there is no coming back for me and S-tronic is the path I will follow ! I m living in Europe and due to tax reasons a 2.0lt engine is not an option for me anymore, so I have to chose between the 1.8 tfsi, 1.4 tfsi (as soon as it comes with 140bhp) and 1.6lt diesel. Having read all your comments regarding the engines and experiences some of you already have I would like your point of view on this.

I drive appr. 1.500 - 2.000 km per month so the diesel is the wisest way to go, but since the 2.0lt is not an option I m afraid the 1.6 will be more than compromize (my drives are urban, highway and hills with a lot of curves, so some reliable power is more than welcome).

So this narrows it down to the 2 tfsi engines... With the gas price currently at appr. 1.70 euros per lt and the amount of driving I do expenses become an issue to take into consideretion. If quattro is not necessary, then the 1.4 with the 140bhp will seem to fit the bill, but then again quattro is quattro and loved it in my S3 and missed it in my GTi ...

So will realfigures of consumption between these two be that huge ???

Help guys, I feel like a littlekid again asking all kind of silly questions ... :)