A catasrophy with my new baby A3


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So i got the 170 tdi that I wrote already about - pics are coming up as soon as I manage! Had some computer/net problems for the last 2 weeks.....Got thw car about 12 days ago....

So listen to the shitstor that happened yesterday!

I was going on long voyage, I pack the car, clean it, start it, turn the AC on and I go away and come back after 5 minutes and the d@mn thing il locked! Locked, everything, withoun drivig it or anything!

So there I am with my turned on locked car , no spare key, I wan on my back home fromt an unplanned trip, and after sitting on my a$$ for 10 minutes, the car not unlocking! It was a sunday and a holiday I couldn't get in touvh from evreyone at audi!

What do you think is this a company fault? Should audi get me my new window, is there a wayx though the computer to see what happpened?

And I get my window at someonlse, which is surely a lot cheaper, ith he do do something to mess withm my garanty? Its the front passenger door, thought that would be wiser although the back is smaller (3 door), nut its tinted and it seemed harder to replace...dunno....anyay broke my heart to to that to my car, I apollogized all for the whole drive back to him :(

Thanks bros, any advice is aprreciated :)


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Sorry to hear this.

I suppose the auto-lock feature kicked in after a set duration, but thought this only happened at around 15-20 miles per hour.


I'd be taking the car back to the dealer to run a diagnostic, and be trying to claim through them too. Espicially after 2 weeks of ownership.


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The auto re-lock should cancel the moment you open a door although I've never tried leaving it for a prolonged period. Still, can't believe it's supposed to re-lock when the engine is running.

Some things that occur to me:

1. Definitely take it in for a check
2. Definitely tell the dealer you want them to pay for a replacement window
3. Doesn't matter if you get a third-party glass company to do it
4. DON'T start a car and leave it idling - it does the engine no good whatsoever. You should start it and drive it away immediately.


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I heard that if you are without a spare key on you but lets say it is at home (as it usually is) you can get someone at home while your on the phone to push the key button into the phone mic at home while you point your mobile at your car and this is meant to open it... the radio frequency gets picked up by the car.

Not tried this but apparently it does work.


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Well I've done a bit or radar and radio in my time and it's certainly possible to transmit another frequecy over a radio. However mobiles are designed to carry voice frequencies which uses the 300 to 3000hz range and key fobs use 250-450Mhz range so it's not possible. Even if it were the speaker in your phone wouldn't be a very good antenna and wouldn't be able to transmit a strong enough signal to unlock the car.


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Yeah I hear you have to put the phone about a foot from the car...

It would be interesting to give it a try.


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YOGi said:
Yeah I hear you have to put the phone about a foot from the car...

It would be interesting to give it a try.

If you're going to try this, stand next to the rear window, that's where the antenna is.


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i locked myself out of my car when topping up air in the tyres, but thankfuly got somebody to bring me the spare keys.
Engine running too - couldnt figure it out but i guess the auto lock kicks in after a certain time. wont make same mistake again...felt like a right ****** idiot. Phone was in the car too so had to aks a passer by to use their phone to ring the only number i knew off by heart to help.


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I was warned about this when my car was delivered back in January. The delivery driver said it was a common problem and rather than saying there was a fix his recemmendation was to NEVER leave the keys in the car.
I know this does not help much but it looks like it is a known issue.