A/C Service Audi dealer advising to have it done during service


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My S3 is 4 years old and they said it should be done evry 2-3 years to ensure maximum efficiency and avoid failures and reduce excess load on the system.

I have always replaced my cars after 2-3 years and never had this done in the past.

Anyone else had this done or have any advice if its really needed ?

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Suggest you look on here for a member called STAZ (also moderator) and PM him.

He deals with all things A/C wise and am sure will advise you.


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I have also been told by air con guys that 2-3 years is about right and it's fair advice IMHO. I recently had mine regassed after 30 months as it wasn't running too well and would never get down to temperature. I took it to Kwik-Fit who charge £49.99 to do a complete recovery and recharge. I'd never been to a Kwik-Fit before and the guy seems to know exactly what he was doing so I'm happy to make the recommendation. I guess it's different depending on where you go though.


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Just to let you know that I paid £50 from Norwich Audi when I had my car serviced last month for the A/C service, it invlved re-gassing, decontamination of the 'bits' and then a freshener put on it all to take away any nasty smells that are caused in the cleaning.

Cant say I noticed any difference but mine was only 2 years old and I never really use my climate control with the a/c on apart from the summer and to de-mist the front screen.

If you can get it for £50 like I did then go for it, £100 is a bit much.

It does keep the service book looking good especially if you plan to sell it regulary.


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One thing with A/C to keep it running right is to use it. Mine is on all the time with the Climate. Not sure why you would ever turn it off really... :huh: