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As the title goes I'm having problems with air con. When holding the ac button the light is lit and turns off immediately upon releasing the button. On vcds it shows that the ac pressure is at 1.2bar. The pressure sensor looks good and does not appear to leak but I've noticed something that troubles me and is most likely the reason for non working ac. The compressor wheel appears to wobble slightly and the inner part of wheel can be tilted to a side by hand. Not much though. Does anyone know if only this inner part can be replaced? As far as I know it should sit on rubber mounts. What are the min max ac pressures that ac can work within?
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My button behaved like this. Was low on gas. The condenser had a tiny hole in it. £300 to supply fit, vacuum out and fill with new virgin gas.
Just done a quick search and it should be 10bar when running I believe