A big thank you to Rick@Unicorn


May add NOS to 600+bhp S3.
Just want to thank Rick for mapping of my 8L S3 and has done a awesome job at it too. Not only did he map it but also found and fixed some issues i had with it that i didn't know about and neither did guys that tried to map it before.

I dropped of my car with Rick and found that i had a open circuit to my water temp sensor that he fixed. This was something my other mapper didn't find or see when mapping it. I also needed a new ecu as it couldn't be mapped though the OBDII port, that wasn't the only problem with the ECU as it was damaged due to another mapper soldering and desoldering of the chip. Another ecu was found and ordered and fitted by Rick. there were also a few other small issues that have been fixed by me or been in the process of been fixed.

My basic spec of my engine is a bored and stroked 1.8t to 2067cc using a TDI crank, forged pistons and rods, ported AEB head with supertech valves and spring kit, Piper cams, GTX3076r .82a/r turbo on a CTS manifold and down pipe, uprated fuel pump, 870cc at 3 bar Custom inlet manifold with R32 T/B, big intercooler, Billet Steel flywheel, uprated clutch, Blue haldex and much more.

During mapping on the road Rick and Gary managed to hit 162 mph in 5th gear and since getting it back i have managed a 182 mph but had to back off as i started to brick it. The engine made over 500+ bhp and has much more to come as it was making that power with 30 psi of boost but my 870cc were maxing out and had no more to give. I have already told Rick that i will be back with 1000cc injectors and ask to up the boost to 35+psi. I'm sure we will hit 570ish bhp as i know my cam timing isn't bang on and there is much more to come from the turbo. Also since getting the car back more heat shielding has been fitted around the turbo and a turbo blanket has been fitted to keep the surrounding pipes and wires don't melt.

The multi maps that rick has installed and fantastic. Map one is a Valet map that limits the power and the revs to 4000 rpms and at that it make about 80 bhp, good for when you are leaving the car with the MOT guy of anyone you my think they would like to take your pride and joy for a ride. Map two is 20 psi, Map three is 27 psi and map four is 30 psi.

Launch control is also fun and great for 1/4 miles but can be a bit anti social but good for ****s and giggles as Rick will tell anyone when out on a test drive in my car. Its like a shot gun going off spitting flames about a foot long.Rick also mapped in full throttle shifting that massively increases acceleration when shifting up the gears and keeping the boost up. That also lights up the back of the car with flames and when people see that 70% of people back off. The only problem i have with is now is traction in wet/frosty roads and i can spin all four wheels easy which we did on a test drive with three of us in it and as Rick will tell you me and my friend ain't light weights.

I have upset a lot of local posh toffs in there Audi R8's and Ferrari 360's and i plan do upset more but there isn't much around that keep up with it.

Thanks again Rick and i will see you some time in the new year with the 1000cc injectors and asking you to up the boost


A friend of mine with a S3 with a 1.9L GT3071r will be speaking to you in the new year about mapping his

Pictures and videos will come soon as i just go myself a GoPro hero


May add NOS to 600+bhp S3.
Right its been a long time, the sun was out the car was clean-ish it was a good time to get the Lumix out and get some shot of my car everyone is asking for, I managed to get a bit of video with the new GoPro but there not the best as i'm still playing with it. I didn't use full throttle shifting so i took it easy if you would like to call it but the test was from 70 to 140













By the way the oil pressure gauge needle is sticking so it not always running 4 bar all the time


Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev.

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I don't, although I do have access to one, mainly used for non road legal race stuff.<br><br>I use a Race Technology Data logger which gives very accurate WHP figures :). &nbsp;The important thing here is the power curve as optimised as possible without having her cook on the rollers.

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There are many ways to tune, IMHO a bit of both is best as 160 on public roads while logging is less that ideal.

It was more of how you came about that figure of power that's all.

I know Rick knows his stuff I follow his work on many forums.