A$ Avant wheels, anyone like them?

Soft lad

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I've been looking at changing the standard wheels on my A4. I initially wanted the RS4 style twin blade 7 spokes but they're very common. I'm loath to go to an after market wheel manafacturer for fear of an inferior product and balancing issues so would rather stick with genuine Audi wheels.

I popped to my dealer recently and saw these, I like them and give the car a totally different look, I'm sold, my mate is sold, what do you guys reckon? The car is a special edition Dynamik.



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I agree the RS4 style are very common now .... but I like 'em so I'm gonna keep mine.

The ones above seem to be the latest wheel Audi are pushing. If you don't want to be "common" then go for something else.

I personnally don't like them but that's obviously a personal thing. I just can't get to like wheels that look the wrong way around on one side of the car!

Big Bird

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Hmmm, not relly a fan TBH. This rotor design does seem to be the way Audi are now heading with wheels, so give it six months and they'll be as common as RS4 style!!

Like ScoTTy, i love my 19" twin spokes and can't see anything else that sets off the car as good. Maybe it's the part of the country, but i've only seen a handful of A4's with them up here- perhaps the scottish weather and roads make people chose 18inch alloys??


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They aren't lighting my fire either I'm afraid.

Big Bird

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Absolutely horrific.First things id chuck.In fact id give them away...(minus the tyres)

Don't sit on the wall- try and decide one way or another!!!!!

(and yes, i agree................)


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Apologies.Not keen.Had a new avant priced up yesterday, luck for me they had a black edition in the showroom in lava grey....first one ive seen in the flesh...quite nice..hints of purple and blue in the sun.But i fancy suzuka grey (£1700 wtf)What i did find weird was the matt finish on the side panels between the front and rear doors.Anyway.I made my point about the wheels, and they can be substituted foc with the cheesegraters which i like.So all is not lost if youre after a new one.You dont have to have those unpleasant wheels...