Sold 9x19” ET32 RIVA ATM with Goodyear F1 Assy5

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Sold my B9 S4 and so the wheels I put on it are up for sale

Set of 4 RIVA ATV alloy wheels in gunmetal with polished lip
- 9” x 19” ET32 which sat nice and flush on my S4
- one has light kerb rash (photo)
- one has paint chipped round the centre logo cap

Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetric 5 tyres 255/35-19 (fitted May 2020)
- 6mm+ trea all round... only done 2k miles in the last year
- 1 tyre has 2 repairs, others are all good

Collection from KT16 Surrey (between Woking and Chertsey)

C155224B 38C2 4F32 85FA E99D157046F9
0E1DF92A 48B7 4701 82C4 A3FDA25DF617
972B46E8 80DF 48C8 A001 C98C6FB79797
76E48787 8DB0 46E1 8B82 A7252A131153
4D3D61E5 50F6 4BA9 A475 62981CDAC044
B40D4BFC DF63 4AE7 B251 0FE50D25DDAE
37133556 4FD8 4FFC 9067 BEE72BC52000
3DD116C7 3DE4 4E29 927B E43F5DDBE11D
C485BD9F E427 40D8 83D8 8F7DFE8FB96B
CB46F800 53E0 41AD 9B03 E56A298E84DC
BC808AE2 13B0 4270 8B1D 1D48ED7A3239
B08AB1B3 3B98 44EE 9801 C4A23F25D173
E33A8EA1 C09B 4B03 9555 FA045360E50F
89B3FBAB 17C2 4FCB 9B6C 800AD4D1CB4E


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Cannot edit the original post to add, but to be clear these are 5x112 fitment


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Must have been on the wine when I listed these! Title should show these are RIVA ATV wheels, not ATM...

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