Rear Brake Calipers


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Aug 23, 2009
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Think it is time to replace the rear discs and pads on my 2004 A3 2.0 TDi as I am getting a creaking/squeaking when breaking at low speeds.
I have read in a few posts that people suggest getting a piston rewind tool, I am having trouble finding one on the internet. Can anyone recommend somewhere to purchase one of these tools at a reasonable price ? Will the same tool work for the front calipers as well ?
Is it quite a simple job to replace discs and pads on the rear as have only done fronts before, does the handbrake cause a problem ?
thanks in advance.
Halfords, Euro Car Parts and GSF sell the...

I presume ebay will have some...
This is the windback tool you need and can be bought HERE
And yes you can use it for the front too.
You will also need a M14 Spline bit so that you can change the discs

Im in the process of the same thing, i found that i couldn't remove the disc with the car jacked up as i couldn't undo the M14 bolt from that position, had to take it to a garage with a pit. Its easier to do the front because you can turn the wheel to undo the bolts and remove the calliper carrier ( i think thats what its called) so that you can remove the disc.
The the calliper however was easy to remove to change the pads.
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Thanks for your help. Did you need to buy an adaptor for that tool as there is an audi adaptor listed on the lasertools website ?
Did you have to replace the ABS sensors as well or were they ok ?
ABS sensor will be fine unless you disturb it LOL.

The windback tool is only needed on the rear due to the way the handbrake works. If they are free moving you can get away with a pair of adjustable pliers but you need to watch you dont nip the rubber boot as that can cause corrosion furthur down the line. On the front you can use pliers too:

If your happy enough to spend the money, i'd recommend the proper tool though - just make sure it does the A3 as there are all different types for different makes of cars & kits with adapters can start to get costly.
Thanks, so as long as I am careful then I should hopefully be ok. Now to find the best place for discs and pads! Has anyone heard of a make called Febi ? What standard discs and pads do people recommend ?
Ive put Febi discs and pads on, i think they're a good, more of an OEM make. I just bought them here CLICKY, called them up and gave them my chassy number so i got the correct size discs.
Only problem is that if the bolts for the calliper carriers are tight you might not be able to get them off without getting properly underneath the car (using a pit or something) guy at the garage spend like 30min just trying to undo them, so you may end up taking it to a garage to get the discs changed.

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