'99 2.5 AFB V6 TDi Timing problem!! Please help


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HI guys,

I parked my car up on Sat it was running fine, came to start it on Sun.
It would not start.

I turned out to be 'cos timing belt lost a few teeth.

Fitted a new belt now the timing must be slightly out cos it will not start.

Can some one advise me on the best way forward please.

How to re-align the timing.

If there is some one in the Manchester area, please can You give me their contact details.



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Hi Guys We will be doing the timing on Sunday.

If some one has done it to the AFB engine please can you advise please.


oldskool rich

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ive done one before, what do you need to know?

why did it strip teeth off the belt? thats unusual
forgive me for asking the obvious but is everything at TDC? including the injection pump? the cams normaly go wrong because of the rubish followers. if thats the case your in a whole world of trouble. usualy when the belt slips teeth or breaks it will bend valves, id say you would be very lucky to get away with it, hav you checked compression on all the cylinders?

im new to this forum and not sure how it works yet so drop me a PM also can get you more heads if you need em