Buying an A3 sportback, few questions before I purchase...


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May 22, 2009
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Feels wierd being on the A3 forum as I have just sold my A4 cabriolet.... but here i am...

So i did a few mods to my A4, seeing if i can do the same to my A3...

First up, the one i want has a single din stereo, which means the cup holder is above it. Is it possible to rearrange the centre dash so I can fit the double din sat nav??

And also, can I facelift the rear lights... (is it same as doing the A4, i.e. kafutec adaptors etc)....

If it doesnt have an armrest, how much are they?

Anything else I should look out for when purchasing?? looking at an 07 2.0tdi sport sportback...

Thanks... any info will help!!
yep - you'll need a double din cage and trim down your climate control (or buy a 2din version)

yep - facelift tails on sportback are sex! You'll need the kufatec adaptors and some coding

armrest depends whether you want a leather or not - best way to find one is from a breakers
i can confirm all of the above, the double din install is a pain but doable, you will need new switches a card tray surround and cage, theres an option to trim your climate unit to fit, alternatively youll have to rake for a double din one
HI There,

Yes you can do the double din conversion. I have had it done on mine about 2 weeks ago. Its awesome and worth the time, effort and money. (speak to NHN he will be able to help you out with this)

Yes to the rear lights. You can get the looms and lights from Kafutec.

Again as mentioned before arm rest can be done but check the breakers and ebay for one.

Get yourself a VCDS then you can do a lot of the coding on the installs yourself.

PS I have a double din Climate for sale if you go down that route. drop me a pm if you you want it. Nice one.
I just bought a leather Armrest off ebay from a breaker for £85 delivered. Fitted it in 30 minutes, not too hard.
on average leather armrests are about £100 from breakers and cloth ones i have heard can be bought for around £50
Thanks guys, for all your help... well as i'm going from a4 cabriolet to a3 sportback, the intent is to use it as a family car... and other people are still indecisive between the a3 sportback and the bmw 320d saloon, i know which i'd rather have... just need to go find a good deal now!!

just went on kafutec website... the facelift rear lights seem really nicely priced... it does say not suitable for right hand drive vehicles though??
they are all same mate, only difference usually is fog light on one side, but these have them on both sides and can be adjusted with vagcom