Fault Codes Info Needed

00613- cylinder 2 injector-N31 short circuit to positive
00616- cylinder 3 injector-N32 short circuit to positive..
Thanks for that - Would you say that 2&3 injectors need replacing ?

Where was this information from as everywhere else says Ignition Output 5 & 8 but your information is matching up to what my Audi Specialist is quoting
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I would first check the wiring from the ECU to each injector. Double check but should be cylinder 2,pin 1 on injector red/blue wire runs to 60 pin black connector on ECU pin 47, pin2 injector green/black runs to pin 1
cylinder 3 injector pin 1 red/white runs to pin 32 and injector pin 2 black/yellow runs to pin 17
Carry out basic wiring check before spending a fortune on injectors. sorry if thats a bit of a headf**k!!. i get carried away sometimes!
Does anyone know what the Values should be going to the injectors ?
I would unplug all the injectors and check the resistance of each one. Compare 2 and 3 with 1 and 4. see if theres any difference. Then unplug the loom from ECU. as it said short to positive, i would put the meter onto battery earth and see if youve got a live on the disconnected loom. ive had this problem before and it turned out to be an injector but its worth ruling everything else out first
Injector resistance all checked and all similar, After further diagnosis it turns out to be a faulty ECU, Just ordered a ECU today ! :(
ECU fitted, Immobiliser paired up and the car is back on the road:sm4: