Rear Wheel Bearing - type?

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Dec 27, 2006
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I am overseas and away from my car, hence the request for help, so I can order parts that will be ready for me when I return.

I have a noisy rear wheel bearing which I intend to fix myself. (I've done a bearings before so I know they can be a tough job)

My question is whether the rear hub and bearing is a one piece unit, or does the hub seperate from the bearing (ie a new bearing is installed into the housing and the hub pressed in atfer?

Reason for asking is I am looking at an 'on-car' tool but want to know if it will work on my S3 rear before ordering it. If it's not suitable for the type of bearing I wont bother.

Hope someone can help (maybe a pic?)

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Bearing presses into the rear arm on these.
If you could get an "on-car" tool.. it would make it much easier, its a complete mare removing the arm to press the bearing in.

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