Maybe be running on a drop of Saki.. But it's made easy job of passing the Veyron.
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veyron is a different league of car.

I saw loads of GT-R's on the ring trip, they look massive in person and have 20" wheels as standard! looks like a tractor. And saw one broken down
its common for the liners/gtrs to be tuneable over 1000 bhp. its obviously running nos or somthing too. Im not a great fan of the vayron tbh.. looks like a pilled up beetle crossed with a bench.

Id have the GTR all day long.
I think that is a Switzer GTR..which will be running 700-800bhp. No doubt it is f'in quick..but I don't understand the comment above about having a GTR all day long. That's like saying I'd rather have a £300k house over a £1million pound one because it's electric gates are nicer and they open quicker. I know which car I think looks prettier even though they are both ugly..But I would 'own' the veyron ALL year long.
Anyone can strap nitrous to a flimsy lightweight piece of shyte and make it fly. Totally pointless exercise. Like anyone with any taste would possibly be comparing the two? I bet all those Veyron owners must be gutted they bought the wrong car!