1.9 TDI cambelt replacement


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Mar 3, 2007
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Hi all, having sold my 3.0 QS I now have a 1.9 TDI 130 Avant, just wanted to know
if anyone can tell me exactly what should be changed when cambelt is replaced?
I've heard people say stuff about the water pump with a specific impeller?

Also where would be a good (cheap) place to get all the parts? main dealer?
I have a mate that is a mechanic and he just tells me to get all the parts needed
for the job and charges very little :rockwoot:
euro car parts - i think the whole cambelt kit costs £200 and you would need to get a theromstat and water pump on top. thats what i got when i done mine.
auxiliary belt and air-con belt (if its separate from the aux belt), timing belt, belt tensioner and idle roller. Some people would change the water pump at the same time as your in at that area, but ive never seen much problems with the 1.9 tdi as its mostly the 1.8 petrol that has pump failure but thats your choice. As for the parts, buy genuine