Misfire 05 2.0T FSI - Not Coil Packs


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Jun 3, 2010
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Hi guys - Car is a 05 A4 2.0T FSi S-Line 131k miles
I've only bought the car about 2 weeks back, on Friday I took it to EB Jones of Liverpool (Audi Specialist) for a Full Service and a Air Bag Light reset - all was good ! , they said it looks like the engine had been steam cleaned as there was signs of water on the Coil Pack but still OK.
On the Monday I took the car to http://www.smart-autos.co.uk/ for a Air Con regas, after the Regas, about a mile down the road the Engine Light came on and the car was runnin very poor and about to cut out at low revs.
I took the car back to Smart-Autos who said they could put it on their computer for £35+vat but the problem sounds like a Coil Pack failed which matched up to what EB jones had said on the Friday. I thought that by the time the put it on the computer,fitted a new Coil Pack etc that the bill would of been £80ish for just one Coil Pack.
I said I'll take the car home and fit 4 new Coil Packs myself for £100/120.
EB Jones in next door to GSF so I called in there and explained the situation, they said they didn't think the Coil Packs where bad enough to fail so they said bring the car in to put it on the computer (no charge)
They said cylinder 2 & 3 was Misfiring so we swopped the Coil Packs over from 1 & 4 but the problem stayed on 2 & 3, we then fitted 2 new Spark Plugs but the problem was still there.
I left the car with them but they have been too busy to look at it all week, hopefully they said they'll get a chance next week.
I mentioned to him if the Injectors could be the problem and he said actually that is what the computer is sayin the problem is, So he said he is goin to start to strip the Injectors and if not too much trouble swop them over like we did with the Coil Packs.
I added a little RedEx to the petrol on the Saturday - maybe this has caused the problem ?
How big a job is it to get to the Injectors ?
What do Injectors cost ?
Any Ideas/thoughts guys ?
Much Appreciated :blink:
PS - Sorry for the long post - Just gettin all the info in
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EB Jones (Audi Specialist) Have now stripped the car down to the Injectors they have checked the fuel pressure from the pump, checked the Tumblers in the Manafold and now want to change 2 & 3 Injectors, £130 each + 4 hours labour charge £164.
They say they aren't 100% sure the Injectors are the problem, they haven't got the info for the fault codes.

The fault codes are 00616 & 00613

I've told them to hang fire until I can try and find out exactly what these fault codes are - Anyone know ?

Thanks Guys
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I've found out the codes mean -
00616 ignition output 8
00613 ignition output 5

Would you now be changing the Injectors ?
Does anyone know what the Values should be going to the injectors ?
Just incase anyone has similar problems, mine turned out to be a failed ECU.
All fitted and back on the road now.