98 agu intermittant missfire


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hi all i have a recently bought a 98 agu engined a3 when I bought the car it had a induction kit cheap diverter valve and a stage 1 amd remap drove the car home 240 miles sweet as a nut 2 months later turbo started to sound a bit squiffy so took this opertunity to fit a ko3s and 3 inch downpipe and decat also had a local guy fit a 2 and a half cat back and swapped my induction kit and forge 007 off my old car after letting the battery go flat the car intermittently under heavy acceleration splutters and pops and bangs if I take my foot of and back on the throttle it picks straight back up and seems fine till it does it again plugged into vag com with no engine related codes so a bit stumped realy any thoughts would be a massive help
car had a new cam belt water pump thermostat plugs andoil pick up pipe changed less then 1000 miles ago the day after I got it home and plug gaps where checked when fitting would the ko3s and down pipe cause this?
thanks jason