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Jan 21, 2010
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Recently visited Andy Mac to have the Stealth Sub installed and have been amazed by the difference in the BOSE and Andy’s Stealth Sub replacement.

Just to be very clear in my reasons for choosing the Stealth Sub:
1) I wanted an improvement over the BOSE Sub
2) I did not want to compromise any boot space
3) I have read plenty of good reviews from others than have installed the Stealth Sub
4) Andy’s reputation and expertise provided me confidence that his work would produce the desired results

The installation
I opted to visit Andy for the installation as I would have messed things up for sure myself. On the agreed date, I turned up at the given address and was greeted by Andy who spent a few minutes with me to double check that our expectations were the same.

I was dropped off at the nearby town centre by Andy and provided a map to help me get around which was I felt was rather considerate.

When I finally returned to my car I was surprised at how much work was involved in replacing the BOSE sub. Panel parts were removed and tools were everywhere and I have to admit to feeling a tad nervous that the reconstruction would leave traits of tampering. In the end, my paranoia was pointless! Once the installation was complete there were no signs that the car had been worked on at all.

The Results
My first impressions of the sub was that the sound was incredible for the tiny speaker it was. I was never under the expectation that the bass would equal to a 12” Sub but I was truly amazed at the ‘umph’ and the power of this replacement. The feeling I was left with was that I should have done when I first purchased my car. Anyway, I stole the test CD Andy was using to test the bass line of the sub and was thumping this music all the way home. Thank you Andy.

Final Words
Over the past months I have seen plenty of threads from people in similar situations as me (want to improve sound but do not want to lose out of boot space). My advice to anyone who has this lingering over them is to strongly consider this fantastic piece of kit as I have no doubt you will appreciate this replace as much as I do.

Thanks Andy!
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Andy does do it for the Sportback, but I'm sure he has said in the past it doesn't fit perfectly for some reason.

Also there is nowhere to hide the extra amp, you would have to either attach it to the back of one of the seats or find a way of hiding it within the spare wheel well I guess.
There's nothing to see!

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