Andymac's stealth sub in a 3.2 Sportback?


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Aug 25, 2009
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Hi guys and girls

Last year I bought a '55 Sportback 3.2 and I'm only just starting the process of replacing the an old after-market install Alpine satnav from '06 with some new stuff.

(I'm sure some of you know this already) BUT the 3.2s have the battery in the boot floor and some chunky'ish wiringloom runs from the battery around boot and a smaller one behind the plastic Blaupunkt sub, so I'm wondering if anyone with a 3.2 has fitted Andymac's stealth sub?
The stealth sub doesn't fit the sportback full stop, no matter what model.
Audi redesigned the stock sub just for the sportback so that you have the benefit of the slightly sculpted boot panels? (a stupid little indent at the top of the panel which provides no usable increase in boot space but probably adds some vital cubic cm's to the spec sheet). On all other A3/S3's the boot panels are flat. This unusable space on the sportback means the panel will not fit over the stealth sub. Can't redesign it as there is barely enough room for the standard stealth enclosure, plus there's nowhere to hide the amp.
Cheers for the info Andy.

I guess I'll have to measure up very carefully and see if I can figure out how to fit anything. I did manage to find space for the small Alpine PDX amp (and a satnav module) by making a little platform to bridge across the uneven metal battery box cover and support the boot floor trim, replacing the foamed plastic under carpet tray thing.

Please keep us posted with your progress on this. I've just bought a 2004 3.2 Sportback, also with an Alpine SatNav (IVA-D310R) which looks really poor fitted slap bang in the middle of the double din aperture...
So far I've found the controller unit (above the battery on the boot floor, but I've yet to find what I think may also be installed: - DVD player for the Nav, and controller for the I-Pod interface (which doesn't charge the latest versions).
Really interested in your choice of new kit and installation progress.



My car was fitted with an Alpine CVA1003R in a two times single DIN facia adapter (with a pocket in one), it didn't look too awful closed but the screeen mostly covered the vents when open, wasn't touchscreen and you had to use a IR remote control to operate the satnav. The NVE077 nav unit was installed under the boot trim just to the side of the battey cover. The leads from the CVA1003R had been butchered to attach a Parrot CK3100 which worked surprisingly well. I was using a Garmin suckered on the windscreen for satnav and speed camera reminders.

I did consider trying to retrofit an Audi RNSE but decided against that for numerous reasons then I looked carefully at the usual car audio choices and settled on the Alpine range inspite of almost everything apart from FM/MP3 being yet another box - to find space for and wire etc, this meant I could get every function I wanted through one screen. I'm currently using the iXA-W407BT, NVE-M300P, PXA-H100 and leftover CHA-S624, the car is still in pieces (but usable) while I figure out whether I can fit two PDX amps or just one for a sub and run either the head unit internal power or a KTP-445 to power the front, I'm not planning to refit the Audi plastic sub.

Eventually I plan to have Infinity Perfect 6.1 components in the front being actively crossover'd and corrected via the PXA-H100 and not bother with rear fill at all, an Infinity Perfect 10 sub in a box firing through the rear seat arm rest hole connecting to a PDX-M6 amp via a Neutrik Speakon so I can easily disconnect and remove the sub if I need the boot space for anything. I'm still working out the details on some this but there's going to be a lot of wiring.
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