headlight wiring question


Sep 5, 2009
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I have done all the usual searches and cannot find the answer to this: On fitting facelift lights into a prefacelift using the plugs and tails from the facelift donor car sure enough all the colour codings match up,now with the pre facelift plugs cut of i am left with (after all the other wires are spliced onto the facelift plug) 1 yellow and black which previously ran to the larger plug in the old light and one yellow and black which ran to the smaller plug,can anyone tell me how i determine which ones correspond with the 2 coming from the the facelift plug or dosnt it matter?also the small grey/black wire dosnt match to the facelift either,many apologies for the longwinded description or is it me being thick.
i suspect the wires your left with are for the foglights, assuming your original headlamp was the triple bulb type?
thanks aragon but the originals were the single h4 bulb type,now going to delve into the wiring diagrams for the original lights,will let you know what i come up with,but still welcome any other advice.
Right think its sorted,wont know yet though because its chucking it down with rain.there are 2 black/yellows because one is for headlight and one is for adj motor,and the white green is for foglight, all other wires correspond.

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