wheel offset and tyre sizes, need info please :)


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Aug 25, 2009
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Hi guys/girls

I've been hanging around here looking the pics with RS6 style wheels, I'm thinking about getting some for my '55 SB but I'm a bit confused about wheel offset and tyre sizes, I know that Audi make an RS6 style alloy in 7.5 x 18 for the 2010 A3s and that will fit perfectly, err obviously! BUT damn they're like 400 quid each :faint:

There loads of RS6 replicas on eBay 18s and 19s too, whats the correct offset and tyre size? What happens to the speedo calibration?
My RS6 are 8x18 5X112 ET42 with 225/40/18's and they fit mint. I had 8x19 with 225/35/19 but the ride was too hard.
I put S5 19"s with 235/35/19 on my S3 last week but every now and then when i go over a "nasty" bump or a really poor road surface my back wheels just nip and rub the wheel arch,not sure if its rubbing on the outside or the rear of the wheel - anyone know ? Would fitting 225/35/19's make any difference ? Cheers

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yep:icon_thumright:, 225 will solve your problem
I really like the look of 19s but given the less than perfectly smooth roads we have all over Britain I think I've settled on getting the 18s, which should update the look of the car a bit, I might add a set of side skirts, chin spoiler, rear 'diffuser' panel and decent coat of autoglym to clean the red to be brilliant again (hopefully!). I might even get around to taking a photo one day :)

Thanks for the info guys:happy:

PS these are my fav pics of 19s


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