control arms

PM replied give em a call he will give you some discount very fast delivery.
Sorry for got to say i found it with help from rasA4 thanks dude:icon_thumright:
German ebay usually comes up trumps too, but i like to support the smaller independants whereever possible, so i'd be giving jason at allgerman a chance to match the price of german ebay.
I bought the same kit from £150 euro.very fast the Germans....
I hope this helps anyone looking to solve the A4 clunks an bangs from the front end.
^^ I baught a similar kit for similar money, it lasted about 4 months and cost me two front tyres...

Ended up buying a Meyle kit, throwing all the arms i'd just fitted into the bin, and doing the whole job again.

So by trying to save myself £200 in the first place, it end up costing me nearer 300quid more, and an extra day of my time.
All German Parts Limited
16 Pontefract Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 1TB
0113 2775245

If he cant do the kit for £320 then just buy it from ebay.
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personally I would use Jason at AllGerman even if eBay saves you a tenner.
I concur, bought 4 top arms last month from allgermanparts after reading the chaep ebay ones will wear out quicker and costing more in the long run
yeah going with jason at german parts ive pmed andyC a few times now with no response spoke to jason today he said he cant give a discount as they are the cheapest around as it is at around the 380 mark do you guys think its a good price. the way i see it it is as i will have four years warrenty on them and if i stops the knocking and cluncking then even better so will put the order in tomorrow cheers guys for the advice
well i ordered my control arms from jason at all german yesterday for 385 all in with free p&p and thet should be here today so thanks to every one who helped me out finding these. staggspeed will pm you later butty

Cheers guys
Got my top control arms from ebay (ebay name - TieRodPete something or other).
Cost 35 delivered for both arms required to do the drivers side top.
Knocking stopped, been OK for the last year or so.

Took about 45 Mins to install as per the Haynes manual.


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