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Feb 2, 2009
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I just came into a little bit of cash and need to buy some badly needed parts for my car but at the same time i want to make some upgrades,,,, first one is an intercooler saw one on there for 200 pounds sounds cheep to me, and a dump valve, ive been looking on ebay but have no idea if they are any good or what will work . Has anyone bought from there and had good luck with them if so can you post up what you had also can any one tell me what DV and fitting kit i need all from ebay if its in budget as i am having a longlife exhaust fitted in the morning please get back to thanks guys......
Oh its for a 97 1.8t avant AEB
i also have a set of coilovers on order and has any one got a rs4 front bumber going that will fit going cheep cheers guys
FMIC kit looks good, higher quality t-bar clamps than most kits come with. some are cheaper but if you have all parts/hoses and clamps and they fit without modifncation then pay the extra.

ditch the dump valve. pants IMO, get yourself a decent recirc valve (Forge) your engine won't be messed up by the atmospheric discharge and you won't sound like a chavvy subaru
Tazz,i have the same car as you and have just had a quote from longlife at bridport,they are quoting £400,how does that compare with Cardiff longlife? if you dont mind me asking.
I would get the oil pump sorted first Gareth. Without a sound engine you are wasting your time on mods..

As a bang for buck upgrade plan i would get it chipped before a FMIC and get the car suspension bushes etc all sorted to make it as good as it can be before upgrading stuff. On the K03 the requirement of a fmic is small due to the SMIC almost being able to keep up with the air flow of that under load and WOT situations anyway
not at all they said it would be £389 including vat and i get to pick the tail pipe so not that much between them but i would go back to them and see what they say
got the oil pump today and is being fitted as we speak yipee, how much would a chip cost and is there a place around here that some one would recomend,,, so would you say its worth keeping the intercooler i have mark and @ jcb and staggspeed i dont know much about this stuff so sorry for being dull does this replace the old one on the car and where and how much can i get one from cheers
yes gareth,straight swap for your old one,its a cause of searching around for the forge valve,have seen them as cheap as £70, and as dear as £100,as for longlife it seems that the pricing between branches is consistant then.
I wouldnt bother with a Forge, get a 710N Bosch DV from a 225TT / S3 for around £25. You would have to replace 3 of these to be anywhere near the cost of the 007P, and seentin the std plastic one has lasted 100K plus, you will be retired before you have replaced it 3 times.

Ok i have a Forge, but only because it was on the car when i had it. Also there is no performance increase from adding a forge over a std working unit either tbh

Quick search reveals
I have to go along with that Mark,got my forge for £25 of a mate otherwise I would have gone down the 710n route,but the forge is nice and shiny,lol.
I got the 710N. Can't tell you how it performs yet because 10 miles after fitting it, my car is on my drive in bits. :(
i think i will go for a 710n, just had a phone call from longlife cant get me in now untill tuesday morning never mind oil pump changed just need to sort out the oil leaks now then the rad and suspension the same time i put the coil overs on yipeee loks like im gunna get to aitp now,,, pedro ( sorry butty cant remember your name ) im down your way on tuesday any chance you know where euro car parts is

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