Removing RNS-E from car


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Feb 24, 2010
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Hove Sussex
Im getting the infamous 'Cannot read DVD' messages from my RNS E unit so I thought Id clean the lens by removing the unit from the car.

Question is, by removing the unit from the car, Will I have to re-enter any codes? Do any VAG COM pairing etc or can I just plug it in and expect it to work as normal?

Thanks Guys.
the unit remembers the code as long as it goes back in the same car, so your ok, it will be fine.

what disc are you running, copy or genuine ?
Thanks, The disc is a 2007 genuine, It has slight scratches on it. It runs fine for about an hour, then the disc stops reading if you turn off and start the car again. The unit itself is gets quite hot at this point.

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