High Mileage A4 Avant - What to look for


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Mar 1, 2010
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Hi guys, i have just looked at and agreed to buy a A4 1.9TDI Quattro Sport Avant. Mechanically the car seems very good, and too be honest doesn't look like it has done high mileage. The only snag is that it has covered 170,000 miles. It was serviced by Audi until 164,000 and then by a VAG specialist. My question is, is there any thing specific i should be wary of with this high mileage?

My first impressions are that everything feels incredibly tight steering and suspension wise. I know the clutch is likely to be a week spot at these miles, but i couldn't detect and slip. The only mechanical thing i can find is that the front discs are shot.

Any pointers greatly received.


I think fuel pump, glow plugs and turbo would want to be checked around this mileage. But i am fairly new to the Audi fold.

I think the 1.9 fuel pumps are pretty bulletproof, but I'm sure the clutch and DMF would be feeling it by now if not already done.
Thanks for the replies guys, i know the Turbo was replaced at 150k, it was more the quattro system i was concerned with.
The quattro system is pretty robust as far as I know. Mine has just passed 140k and the rear CV joints clunk a bit sometimes, and I think there is some wear in the centre UJ - but diff wise you should be ok.