A3 going - bits up for grabs

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Aug 28, 2007
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Hey folks

Hope the mods will let this post stay up for a bit as it'll get more attention here rather than just being in the classifieds:icon_thumright:.

My A3 is going back to the leasing company within the next week, so yesterday I took off all the bits I'd added since getting the car back in Dec 07. The bits for sale are detailed in my sig below but also up for grabs is a Dension iPod link with Aux-in. It's not the latest version as track info doesn't show up in the DIS, but it does the job and charges the iPod as well. It's got the active dock cradle and I'll also include the Brodit mount (though you'll probably need some more sticky pads). Cost me £100, but I'll take offers for it - just PM me.

EDIT - it's a Gateway 100 and comes boxed with the original instructions and various iPod adapters (though not for latest versions - I'm using it with a iPod 5G 60Gig Video).
Model number is IPO2CR9.

You can see the mount in this pic here

I'm heading back to company car ownership - currently running around in a C-Max until the new Golf arrives sometime in the summer (which will be treated to a nice RNS-510).

I've found the forum to be an invaluable source of information and hope new joiners will find it as useful as I have.

Cheers all
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Its shame you'll be leaving us Jon :sorry: Hope you enjoy the golf, my cousin is gettin a Jetta soon and that'll be getting treated to a RNS 510 as well :wub:
Cheers N8 - wont be in the same class as my A3 as it's only a 1.6TDi, but it will do the job and is nice and cheap on the company car tax. RNS-510 is a cracking bit of kit, so good choice :icon_thumright:.
Yeah, shame you are getting rid of the A3. Enjoy the new car though, I'm sure you will!

Best of luck mate!
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