A4 cabriolet front bumper


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Mar 30, 2010
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Hi guys i'm new to the site, I've been looking around and it seems a really good site so keep up the good work.
I am looking at buying a new car and really like the A4 cab but dont really like the front bumper after seeing one that was out of my price range with a rs4 style bumper on, so my question is are there any different bumpers you can buy that dont cost to much i have been looking on the hofele website but there bumpers seem are really expensive.

thanks for any help

sorry forgot to add the car would be around a 2003 model
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Hi i'm new also. Last year I needed a new bumper for my saloon and I found out that there are a few different oem audi bumpers available, but the majority won't fit a cabby as the wings are different so be careful. I've only ever seen cabby's with the one style of OEM bumper.

Rieger/ottinger might do something?

Anyway i'm sure somebody with a cabby who knows more will be able to help.
as a cab owner myself, as far as im concerned, theres one 1 type, all the same inc S4..... someone please correct me. i think(from what ive seen) the only difference with non S4's and S4's are the grills.
The only visible differences are

Colour of car (special S4 colours)
Front grills top, bottom and 2 fog light ones
Front S4 badge
Xenon lights with pop out washers
Metal wing mirrors
Bottom of rear bumper (Rear Valance) is different shape and bigger exhausts
Interior of car has S4 on dials and nicer leather seats