a3 1.8t 150 bhp tuning


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Mar 25, 2010
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hi all as u can see im new to the forum, although im new here im not new to the world of tuning or internet forums.

ive been going through posts for hours trying to find answers:readit:, and have found loads of useful info, i just wanna know if i have got it in my head right.

firstly the differences between a 225 bhp s3 and a 150 bhp a3 (power wise), is it,

entire exhaust system is different size? more free flowing
better intercooler
ko4 turbo? (which is also different from the ko4 turbo on the 210 bhp s3)?
obviously different map,injectors and afm.

also what boost does the standard ko3 150bhp run?

what power and boost is safe to go to on these engines?(roughly)

if i can get ansers to these questions id be happy

thanks in advance

i would also be intrested in this as im looking to mod the 1.8t next year, but the one im getting is a ko3s turbo which are on the 02 onwards i think.. and i think you can get them to 220bhp?

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