360 MW2 Sunday Night match


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Dec 18, 2005
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Anyone keen for a match ?
Unsure of what type or time if any members show interest of course
Yeah, I'll show myself up.

gamer tag - Rat Fink Jnr.

New maps as well on Tuesday 30th March, looking forward to that.
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unsure if i'll be around sunday evening but feel free to add me anyway, am always up for cod :)

gamertag: turbojonny22
Hey guys might be on tonight and would be up for match would be good crack!
feel free to ad me gamertag Bacon N Agg
Will add all and do a hardcore teamdeath match or a free for all ??
wont be joining you this time guys, theres a pint with my name written all over it, i cant resist lol

maybe next time......

enjoy :)
when the match is it this sunday?if it is will try 2 get on even though im crap.lol..
has everyone got the new maps?

ooooooooo, bailout is urmazen lol
Yeah ive got the new maps and bailout is pretty dam good!Salvage could have been better tho feel there is alot of unused space which could have been used like being able to get up scrap heaps etc.
hmmmmm yer but too many elevated areas on a map and its a sniper heaven, i think salvage is good the way it is, gotta check your corners down alot of passages, only problem is on something like demolition it concentrates the fire into one tiny area, n00b tubes galore lol

il add everyone now and then if theres a match tomorrow night we'll get on it ;)
will be on tonite,should be a laugh
voorhees, whats your gamertag mate, you're the only one i haven't got added.....
Hi you lot still doing this? ifso i will be up for it, although have not played this game for about 6 weeks i think, so will be rusty.
I enjoyed that, but it seemed to be over so quick. Hopefully we’ll do it again but you fellas were way out of my league. Usually I only play free for alls so just shoot everyone I see and, of course, only saw my team, so a change in tactics for next time. Still good fun though.
I tried free for all and it wouldn't let me and then we were separated in team matches... don't do hosting much and it shows,will throw invites to all when I go on.I do running and gunning in hardcore but can do the other types
lol yer was good last night, sorry i jumped off had to go grab some booze before tescos shut (easter sunday and all that)

i normally only play demolition so can be weird playing deathmatch as im only used to playing the maps one way if you get me, still i do believe i was owning quite a bit of *** :)

defo try and get a few more of us for a asn free for all, asn clan maybe do some clan matches?
Yeah last night was nae to bad even tho was a short period of time!
anybody gonna have a go tonight, i realise some of us have been at pod all day and are tired/wanting to chill but il be on?
errrrr, sunday? lol

il get you added matey, im usually on most days to be fair (bit of a cod geek lol) so feel free to pm me and wel get a game on :icon_thumright:

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