New pads for new discs???


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Sep 7, 2009
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Warminster, Wiltshire
My S3 failed the MOT on brake discs and few other things. My question is if i replace the discs do i need new pads??? the pads on at the mo have only done a few hundred miles.

thanks in advance
i think it would make no difference the pad would still wear into the new disc regardless
shouldnt be a major prob as new pads have to 'bed' in anyway...its just recommended due to the small cost when compared to new discs
yeah if the pads only have a few hundred miles on them it makes no sense to replace them. If they were 75% worn it would make sense to replace them
get zimmerman from GSF and you wont regret it. push them time and time again, and ferredo pads. any standard or ds2500/ds3000 if you can afford it. really nice.