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Oct 27, 2009
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Ladies & Gents,
Tried posting this in the ICE section but limited response. Hopefully, someone here can help?

I have this stereo installed complete with a factory fitted subwoofer and 6 CD changer in boot.


I believe it is the Audi Chorus 2 stereo. (anyone confirm?)

However, I'd like to install an ipod adaptor to the stereo AND maintain the CD changer functionality.
In addition, I'd like somthing where I can plug the ipod in, leave it in the glovebox and use the stereo to change tracks, fast forward etc. Not sure if this is possible but it is my ideal solution.

Any thoughts on which product to buy?
(I'm not keen to replace the stereo as I like the old school look.)
i dont think you will be able to use the HU functions as your 6 disc changer is already using your aux port....you may be better placed searching for some sort of switching facility to allow you to switch the Aux port over
if that works then the aux must be 2 stage which opens up the possibilities to wider options
theres a denison on ebay for £75........

I started off with a Denison, mounting the ipod in the glovebox, however soon realised that the HU controls left a lot to be desired in terms of selecting playlists and tracks without having to go through the whole playlist..... really isnt user friendly - i ended up selling the Denison and my Parrot CK3200 and replacing with a Parrot MKI9200, now i have a nice little colour TFT screen, glovebox mounted Ipod and a small controller on the steering wheel, the Parrot posts what ever is on the ipod screen and is easily controllable whilst maintaining a discreet appearance - total cost is about £180 including the Connect2 device you need to make it all work

the Dension is £130 and the Parrot CK3200 is about £95 so all in all the MKi9200 is good value for money and will allow connection of other MP3 players

Aninal - the parrot one is exactly what i wanted to see. Now I just need to find somone to fit it.
Aninal - the parrot one is exactly what i wanted to see. Now I just need to find somone to fit it.

no probs mate, just make sure you buy the connect2 aux input device - ill find the link to the last thread so you can advise the fitters how to do it...otherwise they will set it up to run via the Parrot amp which you really dont want - trust me, speakers blow very quickly with the high frequency of it
This is what else you need to make it work.... http://www.lowcostcaraudio.co.uk/lc...dx001+aux+adapter+audi/pid/7306189?afid=88888

Tell the fitters to connect all the ISO leads up, they will need to cut the orange wire IIRC and tap that into the ignition feed under the steering column.....earth wire to the HU......fit this item and and convert the 'line outs' from the parrot to phono connection and plug them in this box..... simples really :)

oh and theres three mute cables which they will need to use trial and error to find which does the trick, then fit a spade end and plug it into the HU

job done ;)